Day One

The Tempest, Act I Scene II


My brother and thy uncle, call’d Antonio–

I pray thee, mark me–that a brother should

Be so perfidious!–he whom next thyself

Of all the world I loved and to him put

The manage of my state; as at that time

Through all the signories it was the first

And Prospero the prime duke, being so reputed

In dignity, and for the liberal arts

Without a parallel; those being all my study,

The government I cast upon my brother

And to my state grew stranger, being transported

And rapt in secret studies. Thy false uncle–

Dost thou attend me?


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Day One.  7/7/17

I’m doing two things:

  • downloading and installing the lumberyard engine
  • setting up a WordPress site on AWS.

It took less time to spin up the instance, set WordPress atop it, look for a domain name idea from Shakespeare’s The Tempest and register said domain than it took to download and install Lumberyard.

And I still haven’t installed the sample game.

While downloading the sample game, I signed up to be an Amazon Associate.  There’s no reason to not do it, and if I sell two books (or a 10th of a camera or a bunch of paint or something) I’ve paid for registering the domain.

I also bought a book, Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development, that I’ll use to familiarize myself with the engine.


Let’s get started.

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